Dr. McCaul

Dr. Courtney McCaul is currently accepting new clients for one-on-one, virtual psychotherapy.

Dr. Courtney McCaul
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
PSY # 31826

Dr. McCaul utilizes humor, warmth and unconditional positive regard for her clients to help them to better manage stress and reduce distress. As the clinical director of a residential treatment center, Dr. McCaul is uniquely qualified to work with the family members and loved ones of those with severe mental illness and substance use challenges. 

Dr. McCaul is especially passionate about working with individuals on the Autism spectrum and their family members. She also treats adolescents, adults, and families with anxiety, depression, grief & loss, ADHD, adjustment difficulties, and communication challenges.

So you can learn more about my services and make sure we’re a great fit, I offer free consultations over the phone or via live video chat.

Video Sessions

In the age of FaceTime and Skype, the idea of being “face-to-face” with another person digitally is now fairly commonplace. We offer individual psychotherapy and life coaching through a secure video conferencing system.

Phone Sessions

Most clients seek to be “seen” in a figurative sense, but not everyone wants to be seen (literally) during a therapy session. Phone counseling allows clients to focus on their thoughts and emotions without worrying about their physical appearance.

In-Person Sessions (not currently available)

In-person services are provided at the client’s home, the provider’s office, or another location of your choosing.

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