Dr. Nguyen

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Dr. Nina Nguyen
Licensed Psychologist (PSY 30775) in California

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in family and couples from California School of Professional  Psychology at Alliant International University – Los Angeles Campus. 
Completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Rose City Counseling Center in Pasadena, CA

My Approach to Psychotherapy

Therapy can be a gift. It is an opportunity to explore both the parts of you that are shared with the world as well as those that you generally wish to hide. I work with individuals to integrate these different aspects so that they can move towards a more cohesive sense of self.

If you feel that you’ve lost touch with your true self, are unable to take action, or are suffering with unresolved pain, reaching out for help is an important step towards change. Therapy provides you with an opportunity to address your problems and — more importantly — to grow in your personal development. My psychodynamic approach to therapy is both supportive and direct. My goal is for you to feel supported throughout our collaboration and to provide a safe space for this process of transformation to occur.

My Approach to Couple’s Counseling

I provide a differentiation based approach to couple’s therapy. This focuses on being more authentic with oneself as well as with one’s partner, without trying to change the other person. This is very simply stated, yet is more enlivening when put into action. Oftentimes when people are in relationships, their true selves comes into conflict with their reflected sense of self (how they wish to be seen by their partner). Anxiety can result from a person’s struggle to balance these two states of being — leading individuals to compromise who they are for the sake of their partner. I work with couples to facilitate each person’s authenticity in the presence of their partner so that each can be seen more accurately. The truer you are to yourself, the more intimate you can be with your partner.

About Me

As an Asian American, I have firsthand experience of having tremendous pressures (and perhaps burdens) placed on me at a very young age. I know what it is like to grow up in a culture in which success and hard work are unspoken expectations. Often, individuals with this background struggle because they are sacrificing their autonomy and personal fulfillment at the expense of their emotional and physical well-being. It’s common to experience anxiety, depression, shame, or fear surrounding personal failure and familial disappointment. This leaves little to no room for these individuals to address their emotions and contributes to the belief that their problems are not worthy of attention. It can also be especially challenging because thoughts of worthlessness and low self-esteem can deter individuals from seeking help when they may need it the most. Fortunately, we can learn both from our families and from the larger community about ways to honor our cultural values, while also building upon our resilience and creating a stronger sense of self.

So you can learn more about my services and make sure we’re a great fit, I offer free consultations over the phone or via live video chat.

Video Sessions:

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Both individual psychotherapy & couples counseling are available through a secure video conferencing system.

Phone Sessions:

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Most clients seek to be “seen” in a figurative sense, but not everyone wants to be seen (literally) during a therapy session.

Phone counseling allows clients to focus on their thoughts and emotions.

To begin your journey of healing and personal growth with a member of the California Women’s Therapy team, please reach out below.

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