Support Groups

Stress Management virtual support groups are forming now!

We’re living through incredibly stressful times. Life is filled with uncertainty, and many are feeling both isolated and stressed. What better time to learn new tools for managing stress!

In our Stress Management virtual support groups, you’ll be able to connect with others, share your thoughts and feelings, and learn new tools for managing stress.

To meet your schedule, groups are currently forming on a number of days and times.

So you can test out our virtual support groups and makes sure they’re the right fit for you, were are offering each client one trial group for just $20.

Trial Groups

Attend a trial group for just $20.

A-la-carte Groups

Following your group trial, additional groups are available a-la-carte for $35.

One-Month Pass

Save over $40 by purchasing a monthly pass to attend up to 4 groups for $99.

Two-Month Pass

Save over $120 by purchasing a 2-month pass to attend up to 8 groups for $159.

Do you have questions about your virtual support groups?

Please feel free to reach out via our contact form (below).

Begin your journey today 🌱