Welcome to California Women’s Therapy!

California Women’s Therapy began as a team of female, licensed psychologists specializing in women’s issues.

We have since invited other mental health providers who share in our mission to join us. Our team now includes practicum students, postdoctoral psychological assistants, a licensed clinical social worker (LSCW), and our first male psychologist.

Our team supports women (& others) through a variety of compassionate and empowering services. Individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and couple’s counseling are all available virtually to women throughout California.

We’re so glad you’re here 😃

It’s not easy being a woman in the modern world, so you are definitely not alone in finding all of this hard to manage! The struggle to find balance, inner peace, and fulfillment is real. As a result, many women suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and fatigue. Additionally, many of us feel confused, overwhelmed, insecure, lost, or stuck.

We help women like you heal, grow, get unstuck, & move forward.

Some of our team members are currently accepting new therapy clients for virtual services.

For your convenience, you can learn more about each of our licensed psychologists and our LCSW by visiting their profile pages from the “Meet the Team” dropdown menu or page.

Additionally, each of our couple’s counselors is highlighted on our “Couple’s Counseling” page.

If you are are seeking low fee services, please visit our “Low Fee Services” page.

Virtual support is always available.

We help women in California of all ages and life stages.

Most of our clients are women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who are struggling to balance the demands of work, family, and personal wellbeing. However, our team of female psychologists provides virtual therapy services to women of all ages and life stages throughout California. Moreover, most of our providers are currently accepting new clients.

Areas of Expertise

Our providers’ specialties cover a wide range of issues impacting women. This includes anxiety, depression & other mood disorders, trauma, living with chronic pain and ongoing medical conditions, insomnia, adjusting to life transitions (including the transition to parenthood and menopause), caregiver stress, substance abuse, family conflict, parenting, relationship issues, infertility, grief and loss, as well as issues related to self-esteem and identity. 

As you may have noticed, most of these challenges are not exclusive to women. Therefore, all of our providers are also open to working with male clients, provided their area of expertise matches the kind of help you’re seeking. Additionally, our couples counselors work with couples of all gender combinations.

Through participation in individual psychotherapy, a support group, and/or couple’s counseling, you can get the support, encouragement, and guidance you need to navigate life’s many challenges.

At California Women’s Therapy, we strongly value the importance of the therapeutic relationship. That’s why we offer both free initial screenings and free initial consultations. A consultation is a chance to speak privately with a potential provider free of charge before committing to your journey.

Both our initial screenings and one-on-one consultations can be conducted on your schedule. Also, there is no need to come to an office. Likewise, our screenings, consultations, intake process, and sessions all take place virtually, over the phone or through live video chat. With providers working weekdays, weekday evenings, and on weekends, we’re able to fit your busy schedule. In short, we’re here when you need us.

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