Dr. Christina

Dr. Christina Zavalza 
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Dr. Christina Zavalza
Licensed Psychologist in California (PSY # 30441)

Professional Doctorate (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Family Psychology from Azusa Pacific University

Completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship working with medically fragile children, adolescents, and their families through both community mental health and pediatric inpatient hospital settings

Certification in Managing and Adapting Practices (MAP)
Certification in Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

Bilingual in English & Spanish

My Approach to Individual Psychotherapy

I believe we are in an era of women’s empowerment unlike any we have seen before. Women are becoming more aware of personal, social and cultural issues that can make it difficult to become their best and most powerful selves. The issues women deal with today include trying to overcome trauma, navigating social expectations, balancing needs in relationships with taking care of themselves, and ultimately wanting to feel empowered and whole in their home, educational setting, and workplace.

My approach to therapy is to come alongside you with empathy and non-judgment in your journey of healing. I will listen to what has happened or is currently happening that makes daily life challenging- whether it be past traumas, ongoing trauma, relational stress, identity development, grief and loss, issues related to race and ethnicity, self-esteem, imposter’s syndrome, or managing anxiety and/or stress. Together we can work on healing old wounds and developing new skills to help you manage your unique challenges and experiences.

In my practice, I utilize evidence-based practices that are grounded in research to ensure effective change. I integrate various approaches including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and family systems in order to make sense of your situation and develop a personalized approach for change. I also implement methods to measure changes in order to ensure we are making the progress you are hoping to see in treatment.

If you’re here, you might be in a space where you’re ready to explore, or you might be in a space where you’re unsure.  That’s okay. The important part is that you don’t need to figure it out alone. I am offering a free 30min consultation to listen to where you’re at, determine if we’re a good fit, and develop a plan of action. I always tell my clients that finding the right therapist is like finding the right hairdresser; it has to be someone whose approach and style fits with you and feels comfortable. Please reach out to see if that might be me.

About Me

I am a Latinx licensed clinical psychologist born and raised in Southern California. I graduated with my doctoral degree from Azusa Pacific University and have worked predominantly with women, children, and families throughout my career. Aside from private practice, I also serve in a community mental health setting working with underserved populations.

Personally, this has been a year of change and growth for me. Since ending a 10-year romantic relationship last year, I have focused on rebuilding myself as an individual and a professional. I was forced to push beyond my comfort zone and solidify my strengths and identity. In my experience, it takes introspection and social support in order to hone in on and embrace the power within us. I’m motivated more than ever to support other women in feeling empowered, secure, confident, and successful despite the challenges they are currently facing or have faced in the past.

So you can learn more about my services and make sure we’re a great fit, I offer free consultations over the phone or via live video chat.

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Both individual psychotherapy & couples counseling are available through a secure video conferencing system.

To begin your journey of healing and personal growth with a member of the California Women’s Therapy team, please reach out below.

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