Couples Relational Activities ~ Part 2: Acts of Service

Welcome back to the second part of our blog series on Couples Relational Activities!

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In the first part, we explored the power of Words of Affirmation in strengthening relationships. Today, we delve into another love language known as Acts of Service

Acts of Service involve showing love and care through thoughtful actions and deeds. These acts can foster a deeper connection and a sense of partnership in a relationship. Let’s explore some ideas for incorporating Acts of Service into your relationship toolbox!

Plan a Surprise Date Night:

Take the initiative to plan a surprise date night for your partner. Take into consideration their preferences and plan an evening filled with their favorite activities, food, and ambiance. This act of service demonstrates your thoughtfulness and shows your partner that you are invested in their happiness.

Share Household Chores:

Pitching in with household chores can be an incredibly meaningful act of service. Collaborate with your partner to create a fair division of responsibilities. Offer to take on tasks that your partner typically handles, such as cooking a meal, doing the laundry, or cleaning the house. Taking care of these responsibilities together helps build a sense of teamwork and support.

Create a Personalized Coupon Book:

Design a personalized coupon book filled with thoughtful acts of service tailored to your partner’s needs and desires. Include coupons for activities like breakfast in bed, a massage, running errands, or a day of pampering. This gift not only shows your commitment to making your partner’s life easier but also provides an opportunity for them to enjoy special treats from you.

Plan a DIY Project:

Choose a DIY project that you and your partner can work on together. Whether it’s building a piece of furniture, creating a garden, or redecorating a room, engaging in a joint project promotes cooperation, teamwork, and the satisfaction of achieving a shared goal. This act of service allows you to create something meaningful while spending quality time together.

Prepare a Surprise Meal:

Prepare a delicious meal for your partner, taking into account their favorite dishes and dietary preferences. Surprise them with a beautifully set table, their favorite cuisine, and a lovingly cooked meal. The effort and time you invest in creating this culinary experience will be deeply appreciated and cherished.

Support Their Goals:

An act of service can also involve supporting your partner’s personal goals and aspirations. Show genuine interest in their dreams and ambitions, and offer your assistance and encouragement along the way. Be their cheerleader, attend their events, help with research or planning, and provide a listening ear when they need to talk through their ideas or concerns.

Take Care of Their Self-Care:

Encourage your partner’s self-care routine by taking the initiative to provide them with moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Run a warm bath for them, create a spa-like atmosphere in your home, or offer to give them a soothing massage. These acts of service show your partner that their well-being is a priority.


Incorporating Acts of Service into your relationship can be a powerful way to demonstrate your love, care, and commitment. Whether it’s planning surprise date nights, sharing household responsibilities, or supporting each other’s goals, these acts strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Remember, the key is to engage in acts of service with authenticity and a genuine desire to enhance your partner’s well-being. Stay tuned for the next part of our series, where we will explore more ways to nurture your relationship!

Stay tuned for Couples Relational Activities ~ Part 3!

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This blog was written by Dr. Jordyn Trockman, Founder of California Women’s Therapy.